Skyline's Call to Arms - City Council Zoning Board Appeal

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Tue, Mar 23rd 2010 09:24:00 pm

Here's a memo circulating among the Skyline residents leading into tomorrow's meeting on Zoning Board appeals.

The public hearing for the Rey Foods property (509 Newark Street) is scheduled for 7pm Wednesday, March 24th at Hoboken City Hall

This one-time, final appeal to the City Council is because we want them to rule against the Zoning Board's approval of the 12-story building proposed by the property owner. The legal height limit for this property is only 2 stories.
We believe the owner did not demonstrate hardship or economic need for 10 additional stories on this property. Our concern is that the development (extending from the Skyline parking lot to the car wash) will block all Manhattan and Hudson River views from the south side of the building and thereby lower Skyline property values.

We want the City Council to strike this approval down. Furthermore, we want the new City Council to approve the 2004 Hoboken Master Plan (already paid for with our tax dollars) so that there is a professionally-prepared plan to guide development in the city.  PLEASE COME PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY VALUES BY ATTENDING THIS IMPORTANT MEETING. NO PUBLIC INPUT CAN BE MADE, BUT YOUR PRESENCE ALONE WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE BY LETTING THE NEW COUNCIL KNOW A LOT OF CITIZENS DISPUTE THIS KIND OF DEAL-MAKING WITH DEVELOPERS. 

Skyline Board of Directors


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